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We size all of our letters off of the capital letter, and in proportion as the font would display the letters

Example 1 6" Letters: Lettering <- L is sized to 6", ettering are in proportion. A typical font would have the ttg about 6", and the eerin would all be around 4-5" tall.

Example 2 6" letters: lettering <- With lowercase letters its difficult to size the letters. Our standard policy, is to size the maximum size of the letters to the height ordered. In this case the maximum letter would be an l, which we would size to 6". This would leave the ttg at about 6" as well, and the eerin at between 4-5".

Please note that the lowercase letters in example 1 and 2 will not be the same size. If you are matching letters from a previous order, we need to know this ahead of time, so we can accurately size the letters.

We do not replace, or give refunds, for letters that we've sized correctly. Please ask questions about this policy before ordering if you have concerns.

When in doubt tell us how you want your letters sized, and we can accomodate your request within the pricing guidelines.

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