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Everything we make, and distribute, is made to order.

We stock only raw materials, not final products. Because of the nature of the sign, and lettering business, we are unable to offer full refunds on any product.

In the event that you are unhappy with your order, you ordered the wrong size, or have changed your mind, we offer the following refund policy.

We can offer you up to 50% back(up to $250.00) when you satisfy the following requirements:

1.) You contact us prior to return, requesting the return

2.) You pay the return shipping

3.) The item is in the original condition

4.) We receive the items back within 15 days of delivery.

Please note the original shipping charges will not be refunded. You will be charged for actual shipping charges, or the amount that was charged for shipping on your order, whichever is greater.

NO refunds will be given for missed deadlines that we were not aware of, and agreed to meet.(Please over communicate your delivery requirements, we are here to help, but we cannot read minds.)

We hope you will not need this service, but we do offer it in the event that you require it.

NO refunds will be given for letters that were ordered incorrectly, in size, font, thickness, or any other option.

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